Day 22: Farmington, MO - Saint James, MO

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Today in the morning: great weather. Little chilly, but cloudless, sunny sky. The rest day has been good, but the mind is not quite fresh, and a sleepless night have her rest helped to get going rather tedious. Exit just before 8, the first 10 km it then goes flat. Potosi to get minimal slopes, and it rolls really well, the sun is getting stronger, and I may soon be rid of the Ärmlingen. After about 60 km, there is time for the first break, and after that it is somehow not quite fit into the aisles. It is the worm in it, the legs are slightly rubbery, and now again very hilly topography do the rest. I'm frustrated, and think about how we go from here. The thought of giving up are becoming clearer, and I really want only to St. James, and let there be the cycling cycling. Eventually I pass by a small park next to the road, and lie down on a picnic bench, and a round of sleep. I'm still tired, and also the subsequent subway snack I can not really motivate. The hills here are steep but short. It is reminiscent of West Virginia. But since I have to get through I think. Then I can feel the left knee, which I can now do not need. After a long journey I get to 17 clock in St James, MO, and get a nice room at the Days Inn Motel. I will also eat pasta, so tomorrow the power is back, and will go now for another round in the pool, and go to bed early, so I sleep deficit again aufhole. Tomorrow, the topography is probably just as today, maybe not quite so extreme, and the day after tomorrow, it should be much flatter.
Oh yes: it does give up a letter, and so it goes on, of course, if I've already checked return flight, if not it goes. But at Lufthansa on the website is a photo of Monument Valley, and I have to go umbedingt. So is further cycled!
The local landscape reminds me quite strongly of the Bavarian Mountain. For motorcycle riding, it is a dream here. But I see little bikes, but a great many, something strange trikes. The spider should or so hot, at least here to experience the hauf, and also the motel parking lot is full of them. Some are there even with a trailer on the road, for me it would not matter, I am happy with my Bandit!
Oh, I forgot: Where I went today nocturnal the famous Route 66 Of course there is not really, but a sign I've seen, maybe tomorrow will be a photo!

Here are the data of the present day driving:

Days Distance: 126.03 km
Tour Total: 2151.99 km
Driving time (net): 7:05:09
Driving time (gross): 9:17:40
Average Speed: 17.78 km / h
Maximum Speed: 61.38 km / h

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